Get On Your Knees For Disney Mum Bloggers

It’s been a hard week for women that blog.

Earlier this week, The Wall Street Journal took it upon themselves to not only lump in all women that write online as mom bloggers (they all have a uterus right?), but to label the conferences and business trips that women bloggers go on as the “Mommy Business Trip.” The type of trip stay-at-home moms book just so they can get the hell out of dodge and, finally, leave their children and partners behind. Otherwise, you can find them cleaning, cooking and generally slowly dying of the Feminist Mystique.

Katherine Stone, a friend, ultimate professional and the voice behind Postpartum Progress, felt compelled to apologize for the way she was portrayed and, by extension, all parents that blog. I can understand Katherine wanting to write something, but obviously it’s the Journal that should be apologizing for continuing the myth that women’s work should be done for free and with a smile. And, subsequently, that whenever women invest in themselves and their work, it’s either financed by their husbands (who really work) or should be taken as seriously as knitting; a fun arts and crafts diversion to make it through the hell of everyday.

And then I met Marshall Weinbaum.

I didn’t really meet him as opposed to find his Facebook page with mom bloggers on their knees, grabbing for his, uh, attention.

Marshall Weinbaum is a publicist for Disney.
That’s right. He’s the guy that selects which mom bloggers attend what Disney and Dreamworks movie screening and, as one blogger told me, “the guy you go to if you want to work with Disney.”

He’s also a raging douchebag.

Let’s give Marshall the benefit of the doubt for a milisecond. Maybe he uploaded the picture above to his personal Facebook page in jest. Maybe he was trying to be an ol’ fuddy duddy with the women he knows DAMN RIGHT WELL look to him as the gatekeeper to one of the largest brands — if not the largest — in the world. Maybe they’re all good friends and it was a raucous good time and OMG what will his mom think when he sends the picture over to her with four women at the ready and on their knees?

Because even if he was sending this picture to his mom, the sexual overtones and dominance over women are there and I would, if I was his mother, throw a shit fit and question why I raised a boy that turned into a raging sexist man who needs a gigantic clue.

Updates to this post

Original image with Marshall’s caption found here.
Marshall et al. insist the picture uploaded to Facebook was a “spoof” of National Lampoon’s Vacation poster. Image here.
AdWeek story.
Jezebel story.
This is what I have to say about “doctored images.”

Don’t look for the “elite” of blogging parents to be outraged by Marshall and his bevy of mom bloggers.


Because they either work, write or have been voted Top Something or Other by Babble; the online magazine for a new generation of parents. And, if you’re a blogging mom, chances are you have done almost everything except get on your knees and take a picture with a Disney publicist to be invited to the Disney Social Media Moms Conference.

Or maybe you have.

Well played, Disney. Well played. I didn’t realize you really kinda, sorta, in one way or another bought the vast majority of parents online.

Look, I do have a sense of humor. Last week, at a conference no less, I was in the “MILF van.” I was, however, among equals and friends and it was before we got down to the hard work of how to grow our businesses and writing careers. There was no brand representation in that van or a guy that thought so little of the work that we do that he thought: “You know what would be funny, get on your knees ladies.”

So no, thank you, I’ll buy my own damn ticket. And write elsewhere.

You can reach out to Marshall “great to work with” Weinbaum at Disney where he’s the publicist for Digital Marketing and Publicity:

500 S. Buena Vista St., ROD 208A
Burbank, CA 91521-1394
Office: 818-560-6367

Make sure your about eye level with his crotch before you do it. Remember we’re givers who like to work for free.